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STC-5 Tubular centrifuge

STC(Syclone Tubular Centrifuge) series automatic tubular centrifuge. The centrifuge has the advantages of automatic discharge, CIP, sip, high separation factor and high drying rate of solid phase.

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Extended equipment performance

No matter where you are, our professional global service network will provide you with authentic spare parts and professional technical support whenever you need. We help you rest easy by ensuring higher downtime, availability, and optimization. And maximize your return on investment. We can work with you to integrate our services into performance protocols for predictable and worry-free operations.

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SYCLONE is widely used in the biological manufacturing industry. Our equipment meets the stringent requirements of biotechnology, is a tried and tested and trusted brand. With a global sales network, we are able to provide customized, sustainable solutions to enhance competitiveness and ensure consistent, high-quality production.


Pharmaceutical production

Getting drugs to market requires cutting-edge technology. SYCLONE's revolutionary tubular separation system has helped pharmaceutical companies succeed, and STC offers a wide range of mature components and systems. This includes fully automated operation in a sealed environment, support for online CIP and SIP, and precise artificial intelligence and data acquisition.

Pharmaceutical production

Food and beverage industry

As the global demand for food and beverage quality continues to increase, high-end food and beverage production requires the use of raw materials to the best of their ability, and the final product maintains the desired characteristics through safe, cost-effective and sustainable processing. SYCLONE's equipment is designed to meet the specific needs of food and beverage manufacturers.

Food and beverage industry

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