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Shanghai Secolun Centrifuge Co. LTD. Is a commitment to high-speed centrifuge production and manufacturing, technology research and development of enterprises. The traditional tubular centrifuge technology is old, manual operation is complicated and has a great risk of pollution. Therefore, through various technological innovations, our company has developed an automatic Tubular Centrifuge with model STC (Syclone Tubular Centrifuge). This model centrifuge has the advantages of full automatic unloading, supporting CIP,SIP, high separation factor and high drying rate of solid phase. It breaks the dilemma that high-speed centrifugal process cannot be automated for 30 years.

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Sales: 4001 003 583 Huang Lei

After-sales: 1561 8625 298 He Yang

Factory: 338 Fuzhou Road, Haimen City, Nantong City, Jiangsu Province

Email: depaul@shdepaul.com

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